Album Orders

Bring my music into your personal space

The following recorded albums are available:

  • #1 – “Harpsongs for family and friends”
  • #2 – “A Bouquet from My Mother’s Garden”
  • #3 – “Christmas Quiet”

My albums are available online at CD Baby as hard copy CDs or for download as MP3 files, individually or as full albums.

If you would prefer to purchase any of them from me directly, please indicate in the form below how many CDs of each title you would like to order as well as the address they will be shipped to, and I’ll calculate the cost and get back to you to arrange payment and shipping.

CDs are priced at $15.00 USD plus shipping and handling ($2.80 for one CD, $5.00 for 2, $7.00 for 3, $8.60 for 4, and $10.00 for 5 or more). Extra postage will need to be charged for international orders, and an 8% sales tax of $1.20 per CD will be added for those who live in New York State. Orders will be shipped as soon as payment is received.

If you represent a distributor, retail store, or non-profit group and would like to negotiate a reduced price for purchasing and reselling my CDs in quantity, please share your situation with me in the form below.

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